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Cena 65,99 zł
Osram Lamp Kit Mini H1
The very stable plastic surface offers the best protection against shock lamps. Thanks to its compact size (12x8x5 cm), the MINIBOX can be easily stowed in the trunk or even the glove compartment and also claimed the bike very little space. The H1 cabinet is equipped with an H1 halogen headlight bulb and contains the additional lights and fuses listed below.

1x P21W Brake and Tail Light
1x PY21W flashing orange,
1x P21/5W brake and tail lights
1x R5W rear and number plate light
1x W5W parking light
1x blade fuses 15A, 20A, 30A

Packing unit: 10
Cena 68,99 zł

Osram car lamp box mini H4

  • Very stable plastic surface offers the best protection against vibrations
  • Compact size (12x8x5 cm)
  • Easy to stow in the trunk or glove box and takes up little space on the bike



1x P21W brake and tail light

1x PY21W flashing light, orange

1x P21 / 5W brake / tail light

1x R5W rear and license plate light

1x W5W parking light

1x each fuses 15A, 20A, 30A

Cena 529,00 zł
Breaker range
Simply replace with fuse: Ideal for troubleshooting.
Advantage: The constant replacement of fuses is avoided. Pressing the Reset button, the circuit is closed again.
Troubleshooting can be continued.
During repair of the circuit can be disconnected at any time and be switched on again.
Cost Saving: prevent arcing, no welded contacts, no molten base, no broken fuse boxes.

Content, depending on a backup machine:
7.5 A
10 A
15 A
20 A
25 A

Packing Unit: 1